Meet Bruce.

Bruce began as Bruce Gunn Signs in 1932, and spent decades producing ads, media, signage and graphics of all kinds. In 2001, we started to build software and web apps, and a few of our seed projects launched on their own.

Lately we build things that load really fast, use open source, are headless, serverless and use JAMstack. We have over 3,100 domains under management for specific verticals, touchless/sendable experiences, short urls and e-commerce/development. We seem to now be more interested in putting them to use instead of historically selling them.

We partner with organizations and entrepreneurs on co-development, content sites and dynamic sites where static pages are generated in seconds using Gatsby Cloud, without the use of a live database that slows sites down. Sometimes we work on things that sell things fast on Shopify using our headless tech stack, often to support community initiatives.

We typically do not accept contract work but instead partner on broader initiatives that can have a big impact. If you know us, you'd know how to contact us. Over time, we'll showcase some of our work. More likely you'll use one of the things we build.

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